A Lost Soul.

imageHe was three days old when I first saw him. His eyes closed, he looked like a ball of fur. He was placed in a basket with three of his siblings, his sisters to be precise. As days passed the selling began. One after one started to be sold. That’s when I insisted on keeping him. I would place him on my shoulder just like a little baby. He would crawl up to to my ear and that little warm tongue would tickle me. His little paw will try to hold a grip over my tee shirt but he would fall right into my arms. Then he began his running. He used to tumble and hit himself again the wall but that wasn’t enough to stop him. He would run all over the place with those tiny paws. He used to nag his mother for milk and his whines were soothing to the ears.  He started to grow. His paws began to harden. My little boy was big enough to climb stairs. His bark was still soar. It was funny and adorable. He did not leave one piece of furniture unbitten. He used to piss and poop all over and when i picked the stick he used to hide under the bed, peeping out now and then. His eyes were filled with naughtiness and innocence at the same time. He grew even more. He was a year old. Tall, handsome, brisk and firm. His barks were bold. He would stand by the balcony watch people move by. He would run all over to grab ones attention. He would lick you all over just for you to pat him. He loved to be cuddled and pampered. He was always so alert. One squeak and he would start to bark. He was everybody’s darling. When everything goes smooth then there should be a stone out there right? Yes, all of a sudden he began to loose hair. He began to develop rashes. Like anyone else we did not take it that seriously. He was still active and perfectly normal. Medication was given and he cured gradually. Things did not go well for long since then. He began to loose hair again but this time it was drastic. His grey sheath of skin  was the only thing visible. It began to scare us. His tests were done and the reason was not known. Maybe it was a genetic defect claimed the doctor. It was then the holiday season began so we took of for a trip leaving him with an old friend. When we returned after four days he refused to even look at us. It took time for him to let go his anger. He was so emotionally attached that he could not take the fact that we let him alone. The following week he had to withstand  injections almost everyday. He used to whine in pain and the sight was so pityful. He couldn’t really speak out his pain and sufferings. Even then he would play and want all the attention. He would still run all around and nobody could really sense what was coming. His hair began to grow back and all of us could see that ray of hope. All of a sudden he began to develop rashes on his face. It was so severe that he would start to bleed everytime he was touched. He began to drop. There was something that was missing in him. I walked into the door and he ran to me and that’s when I sensed that he was not the same. He was dull. His rashes where red and oozing. He sat beside the bed with dropping eyes. I couldn’t really sense things even then. Later that night he began to breath hard. He had developed a cold. He couldn’t sleep all night. We could see him suffer. The next morning we rushed to his doctor. His eyes were still closed. Glucose was being given and injection shots were being infused. He just lay there without any movement. His eyes opened and we brought him back home. Five minutes is all he took, he whined, twirled and ….. Gone. Gone forever. His mouth opened, eyes closed and legs frozen. He lay motionless on the floor. Liquids began to get out of his body and he had to be buried. The hands that brought him out to see the world buried his body. He was an one year and a few days old pug. A hyper active, extremely loving with an extraordinarily expressive face. In that one year he was with us, he has brought a million reasons for us to think and smile about. He couldn’t express his pain. He did not let us sense it. Maybe dying was good because he will not have to suffer any more. Jerry, you will always be that first dog I loved. I may not have spent that much time with u as what I should have but you will always be very very special to me. I still remember having a race with you and falling on the road. Taking you for walks and making you gape for food and feeding you things without anyone’s knowledge will all be missed. You will be missed so much my little boy. You will always be a part of our family and will always remain in our thoughts. We love you. R.I.P Jerry (25.05.2014-9.06.2015)


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