The “Happiest” ending.


She sat somewhere in the middle row laughing with a bunch of girls
One hand holding her pen and other on her long hair playing the curls
He sat behind watching her smile, lost in his thoughts
Every time she caught him she turned a blushes
Their eyes met, hands shook, a moment of bliss
Since then there was no looking back, tightened by their first kiss
If she asked him for the stars, he would buy her that
Holding hands beneath the desk, together they sat
They fought, yelled, screamed and cried
End of the day always stayed together, walking on eachother’s side.
Those long night talks she whispered beneath the blanket
With him in life, her happiness was set.
He smiled, held her, kissed her tight
She raised her toes, hugged him back and adored the difference in their height.
Her best friend, her soul mate, her everything he was
He loved her and her beautiful flaws.
Every beautiful thing happens in a blink of the night
He was that most beautiful thing that happened to her and she therefore found her mister right.


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