Thank You, My Better half.

IMG_20150811_202600.jpgNo, she isn’t the Monica to my Rachel. She isn’t the Kendal to my Gigi. She is just her to my me. The soul without whom my heart would never beat. This post is about someone who is the closest to my heart and someone who makes me believe that “Forever” exists. This is to Thank her for all those wonderful times, memories and the path of life she has given me.

I met her when I was 4. Plum round girl, with a funny bob cut. We used to travel together. Sit together and also shameless giggle at each other in the class photos. During march past we used to clench our hands together like either of us was going to run away. Little did I know then that this girl is never going to let go.

Times passed, frocks became skirts. Classes divided and but parents united. Skirts became patiala. The craze for barbies moved on to crushes and boys. Colours and crayons were replaced with kajal and lipsticks. The innocence was fading off. We saw each other roll around like babies , hit puberty and grow up to be adults. Then came the fad of being proposed. I remember having fancy hair cuts to make heads turn.

Middle school passed. The pressure of studies revolved around us. By the time high school started we were admitted in coaching and tuition centres. Did we study? NO. Other than loafing and sighting we did nothing productive. By the time 12th started we were smitten by “love”. Boys and our relationship is all we got to talk about it. Then we did not realise that we were loosing ourselves. But I must admit, she is very hard working. Irrespective of all the distractions she got her way through with flying colours. We weren’t bad kids after all.

College admissions started. Well this was the time when my heart skipped beats. I needed her. I needed to see her face every morning. How would I enter a completely new place without her? Well, for the love of God we got into the same university. That’s when I started breathing again. We were growing up. We saw each other heart broken. We were each others shoulder to cry on.

She is all the strength I need. I can fight and have a tiff with anybody in this world, let it be my mother or my boyfriend or anybody. I know she is there to correct me. But the moment soemthing goes wrong between us, I become a mess. She is my backbone. She is my pillar of support.

There have been days I have been ruthless to her and days I’ve loved her like no one else can. Soemtimes I even show all my anger on her and yet she still holds me and asks me what’s wrong.

People say there is no relationship that is stronger than that of blood. Well oops, I’m sorry. This girl is not just my best friend. She is my sister, a sister from another mother with whom I share no blood connect with. She is my twin. My human.

Today I want to thank this beautiful creature who has been born just to handle me. The one who can handle all my fuss,  moodswings and retardness with the greatest ease. Thank you. Thank you for being my support system.

I promise there will be no day where you will feel any lesser than anybody in my life. Even 25 years, or even till my last breathe you will always be my first.

I love you.

And oh? Happiest Birthday, My Better half.


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