You will smile again.

Healing is a very slow process. You dont heal by crying for an entire night or the next few days. It takes time. There are days you just cannot get out of bed and by noon youre on your feet dancing to a favourite tune. There are days when you’re laughing and a sudden thought can flip you over. As human beings, we just cannot wait. We always need a shortcut. We start looking for escapism in every nook and corner. We are so busy finding ways to escape the pain, that we just dont realize the damage we are causing to ourselves. We tend to lean on the wrong people, we tend to complicate a very simple thing. The most self destructing truth is, we forget our worth. We are constantly looking out for help but what we dont realize is your bestfriend is within you. The only person who can get you out of this phase is you. Its okay to have your heart broken by that boy u loved, its okay to be lonely because your bestfriend left, its okay that your pet died, its okay that youre not too successful at your game, its okay to feel dumb sometimes… its all okay. When someone leaves its okay to be heart broken. Its natural. That doesnt mean you need soneone else to mend it for you. You just need time. The time you wasted on all those people who gave u nothing in return, that time u wasted hurting yourself is what you need. Give yourself that time and attention. Give yourself that love you threw at people who dint care. Trust me at the end of this, you will raise from this realize that it was just a bad phase. You will smile again, right from the heart.


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